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To help more APSC families get their voice heard and be seen by others as African Portuguese-speaking Community that can stand for themselves APSC has been engaging with local diverse communities events and activities.


Despite been for more than half a century unnoticed in the UK, without a voice and with a feeling that we the APSC, have been completely excluded from the British society, We the APSC Team decided to organise and be part of other groups and organisations events within the BD borough that are publicly recognising the ones in the community that stand firm in their professional and academic journey, and also the ones who are an example of a great talent or great personality within the community.

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a e venha participar na Little Half Mara
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The APSC Team is also through research methodology in this events and activities  identifying the Afro Portuguese current and ongoing needs and issues so they can successfully implement a strategic plan to develop the community, the aim of the strategic plan is to support African Portuguese Speaking communities (from Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé, Equatorial Guinea and Afro Brazilians) to develop a unified, resilient, sustainable African Portuguese Speaking Community.