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African Portuguese Speaking Engagement Strategy.

The APSC Ltd by Guarantee argues that in the British society, there is no system in place that is efficiently working with the APSC, and this is due to the almost 95% of the just over 100,000 APSC that entered in the United Kingdom with a Portuguese Passport, and consequently resulting in the APSC for the last three decades with a sense of been excluded from the British society. 


APSC Work from 2018 to 2022

APSC since June 2018 to this date, had helped over 3000 people from the Afro Portuguese community all over UK with housing, education, translation, interpretation, finding jobs, settlement status, with welfare support and mental health guidance,  in partnership with OBASEKI Solicitors APSC have been providing legal aids to the Afro Portuguese Communities. And just in the BD borough APSC had helped more than 300 afro Portuguese families from these last 4 years navigating through Brexit and Covid-19, have successful build a strong relationship with other diverse communities by engaging in local community activities such as having Capoeira Performing on the 14th of February at the Free Family Fun Day with a number of small local BD Organisations and at the Youth Parade on the 5th June, we also managed to have a Stand, a Capoeira Performance, a traditional Brazilian Afro Dance Performance and a Traditional Cape Verde Dance Performance at the BD Carnival on the 9th of July 2022.  APSC have been working in partnership with BD Giving, Closed Collective Group, UKON CAREERS, Faith & Believe Forum, Barking & Dagenham Youth Dance, Triangles, JDS, Barking and Dagenham Carnival, Capoeira Club London and Mola Movement (capoeira school). During COVID 19 APSC managed to offer to 10 kids of the community 5 coding lessons to 10 children from 10 to 18 years of age from the community. It was delivered only on Saturdays from 2-3pm UK time, it also managed to deliver an Arts Therapy Workshops during covid-19 for 15 single mothers of the community, also deliver over 15 online training programs aiming at influencing single mothers, youth and children's within the community so that they have a positive mindset during the very difficult pandemic times, and we have been also participating and collaborating with Faith & Belief Fun Run, Walking Together a family-friendly walking and social open to all cultures and communities in Barking and Dagenham funded by the London Marathon Charitable Trust. We have also recently managed to have an office space in the MAKE IT Building where we intend to deliver our capoeira, Batuke and Kizomba lessons if funds allows. We have recently also started to deliver regular business coaching and network events in person and online in partnership with APSC Business Alliance, and have over 600 community members register on our website and on the 5th of November we are delivering our second Afro Portuguese Award Nomination Event 2022. This event will be an opportunity for the diverse local organisations, businesses, families and groups within the BD borough to engage with the many local Afro Portuguese Organisations and businesses receive exposure and join other individuals, organisations, within the borough and have coalitions with our community aiming at sensitizing them about the importance of engagement and participation, community understanding issues, so that together we can promote prevention efforts, and create and strengthen community partnerships. The theme of the Award Nomination Event ‘Together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN’ in 2022 is “With Our Actions Today, We Live Safer and Better Tomorrow.” This theme reminds us that simple, daily acts of prevention, like helping a friend make positive choices or supporting a family member in need, can lead to better and safer lives for each of us today, and stronger, happier communities, tomorrow. The purpose of this event is to increase dialogue, reduce prejudices, encourage engagement & participation and encourage understanding of a community within the diverse BD communities.